Terms & Conditions 

When purchasing any products related to JWGaming either through the website or directly from us the following terms and conditions apply:

All orders will be fulfilled to the best of our abilities, if any unforeseen or unexpected events occur that mean we are unable to fulfil the order at all, in any time frame, we will contact the buyer and ensure a suitable resolution for the company is reached. With the final option being a full refund.

Please note all of our quoted delivery dates are estimates and not a legally binding date that the order must be delivered by.

We do not accept refunds for any other reasons, including but not limited to:

Delay of order due to unforeseen events

Orders not being delivered by estimated delivery date

Loss of product due to postage/courier problems

Delay of orders due to high priority work being recieved 

Upon receipt of payment in full or deposit/ part payment you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions when purchasing products. Either through the website or direct.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the above terms and conditions please contact us via our contact page